Welcome to My Apartment Jungle

Like a lot of people, my obsession with plants exploded during the early days of the pandemic when we were all stuck at home. I had already had a small collection of plants in my house, but spending a lot of time at home with just my dogs made me want to explore plant options nearby (i.e., taking cuttings from my neighborhood or from my mom’s house when we would sit outside to chat).

My baby plant collection in 2019

My plant collection was pretty small – mostly a golden Pothos, philodendron brasil, a dracaena, a Peace Lily, and some bromeliads that I couldn’t keep alive. All of my plants I got from the clearance section of Lowe’s – I figured I could save a few plants if I was successful, but wouldn’t have to spend a ton of money while I figured out how much of a green thumb I had.

After realizing that being a plant mom was something I could actually do and it was a lot of fun, I started learning how to propagate what I had. I was happy to learn how to propagate some Pothos that were growing on the walkway leading up to my front door, which are still proudly still living in some water on my kitchen counter almost a year later.

Unsurprisingly – I made a blog, so I am sure you can tell I was pretty serious about houseplants – I now have a much larger collection, with over almost 50 different types of plants. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite (and least favorite) plants and some things I have learned along the way.

I hope you get to learn some new things while you are here, or at lease enjoy some fun pictures.

Some of my plants enjoying some extra sun time on the lanai

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