The All Powerful Pothos

There are tons of house plants – philodendron, alocasia, sansevieria, calathea (even though they are mildly dreaded), and one of my personal favorite, the Pothos.

The golden Pothos that started it all

Sometimes referred to as Devil’s Ivy, this common and easy to care for plant was one of the first sets of plants that helped sparked my interest in growing my apartment jungle. I had found a golden Pothos at a local store and thought the golden yellow coloring on the leaves was so pretty. Plus, the fact it seemed to like whatever I did to it didn’t hurt either. I already had a philodendron brasil, so I was familiar with vine type plants and soon discovered the joys of propagation.

I was at my local nursery, spending some quality time with my mom and sister (early in my plant journey), when I first discovered the marble queen Pothos. If I thought that the golden Pothos was pretty, I was blown away by how beautiful the marble queen was. I immediately added one to the growing collection of plants in our wagon – as seen below – and brought it home.

It was this same beautiful marble queen Pothos that is the header on my homepage – and also got to be the first real experience I had treating mealy bugs and creating a new plant from cuttings – but that is a story for another time. You can also see that same marble queen in the pictures above. Today, that plant has been through a bit, but still remains one of my favorite plants and has a place of honor on my nightstand in my room.

One of the best parts of plant parenting is getting to explore different types of plants, plant needs, and plant care options. The trial and error are all part of the process, as well as a lot of Google searches (which usually just told me I was both overwatering and under watering everything). Don’t be afraid of getting new plants you haven’t seen or heard of before, just be prepared to put in some effort to learn how to best care for your new plant friend and give it all the light, water, and love it needs – just make sure it isn’t too much!

Tips for caring for Pothos:

  • They can tolerate low light environments, which make them really great for rooms like bathrooms and offices. Low light doesn’t mean no light and while they tolerate low light, they will thrive more in indirect/medium light environments.
  • Pothos can grow in water or soil, but tends to like staying in whatever medium you start growing it in. I have personally been able to move cuttings that have lived in water for extended amounts of time to soil without much issue.
  • These plants can be toxic to cats and dogs if ingested. Mostly will just make them sick, not necessarily cause death, but something to keep in mind when placing your plants.

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