About Me

Alicia Giacalone

My name is Alicia and I love being home. I like to consider myself a professional homebody – spending time with my dogs, tending to my houseplants, cooking/baking something, or just relaxing.

I am usually pretty busy between work and general life, so when I get the chance to decompress, I try to make the most of it. Here, I hope to share some of the ways I do that and maybe help some other people do the same.

Ethos, Pothos, & Logos was born out of my love of puns and the houseplant, the Pothos. I thought of it while wandering through one of my favorite plant nurseries and, always down for a good pun, thought of the title before the idea of a blog even formed.

Things to find here:
  • Ways I have been able to keep my houseplants alive
  • Recipes I like – all of which are normally thrown together with things I have in my house, inspired by things I see online
  • Probably something about my dogs at some point because who doesn’t love some cute dog pictures?
  • Whatever comes to mind that I feel like sharing