On the Road Again

Well hello there. It is me again – the person who runs this blog by posting when I think of something to write. Most of the time I figure “people probably don’t want to listen to what I have to say”, but here we are.

I have been a little bit absent as of late – the start of the new year, along with a lot going on at work and all of my “free time” dedicated to ensuring I am taking care of myself – has left me very busy. Especially because I am going on vacation this week! With a friend’s wedding happening in the Florida Keys, I will be taking a trip (with my boyfriends and dogs) back down to the Sunshine State for a week. With some careful planning, we were able to make time to see both sets of our families, make appointments back home, and drive around most of the state.

It has been very exciting to plan for our first trip back to Florida and for this to be our first trip with the 4 of us. It will be a whirlwind trip that I am sure we will come back more tired from than when we left for it, but I am excited for this little adventure.

Ideally, I will be able to write about all of the wonderful things I did and saw while I was traveling and have tons of photos to share. But I also know myself and know that while I most likely go fairly quiet on all of my forms of social media and enjoy my trip while I am on it.

I am hoping that we will start to explore North Carolina and the Mid-Atlantic this spring and summer, but for now, there is no place like home.

Have any recommendations of places on the east coast of the US to visit? Let me know!

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