Moss Pole Master – How to Make Your Own Moss Poles

When I first got into houseplants and growing my indoor jungle, I mainly had small plants. They were always cheaper and I figured that they would do what plants do – eventually grow and get bigger. So I never really thought about what would happen as my plants got taller and needed some extra supportContinue reading “Moss Pole Master – How to Make Your Own Moss Poles”

Dropping Lots of Green for Green

For anyone who has been a part of the online plant community for awhile, you will be familiar with the trendy new plants that are flooding your timeline. These are plants that are flooding your feed and giving you some garden envy. But because these plants can be so sought after, they can be veryContinue reading “Dropping Lots of Green for Green”

The All Powerful Pothos

There are tons of house plants – philodendron, alocasia, sansevieria, calathea (even though they are mildly dreaded), and one of my personal favorite, the Pothos. Sometimes referred to as Devil’s Ivy, this common and easy to care for plant was one of the first sets of plants that helped sparked my interest in growing myContinue reading “The All Powerful Pothos”