Putting the Home in Homebody

One of the nicest compliments I receive when people visit or stay at my house is that it feels peaceful and relaxing. I have always prided myself on decorating my spaces and making them feel my own. This probably stems from my family – it was not weird to come home from school to have a room rearranged or for my sister or I to decide to change the furniture layout in our rooms on a moments notice. Having a home of my own for the past 2.5 years has really allowed me to up my dedication to making my home a haven.

While I’ve always strived to make sure my house was pretty, hearing others describe it as peaceful and soothing made me realize how much those qualities were important to me when decorating my home. From color selections (all cool toned blues and whites), to the furniture (comfy, but with clean lines that were still welcoming), to now all of my plants (that pop of green that brings life and serenity all in one). It made such sense to me when I thought about it – why wouldn’t I want me house to be those things for me? After a long day at work or being out, why wouldn’t I want a soothing and relaxing place to retreat to?

My kitchen’s spooky makeover

The ability to create a space that both feels and looks good has always been important to me – that also has to do with the fact I love having an orderly home and having everything put away where it belongs. Additionally, adjusting my home to seasonal changes (I love decorating for holidays and since it is almost Halloween, my house is ready for it), while still maintaining the overall feeling of my space being mine.

I’ve been very fortunate to like design, while thankfully having a good eye for it. I’ve helped family members decorate spaces for years and even studied it for a bit and worked with some designers. It’s a gift I am happy to get to share with my friends and family, especially when I find it to be so much fun!

I started sharing more of my design content on my Instagram, so make sure to check it out! I will be sharing more design related content as well, so make sure to check it out so you don’t miss anything.

Have you ever created a space you just fell in love with? Or maybe you have no clue what I’m talking about, but want to make your own sanctuary? Comment below for spaces you’ve loved, spaces you wish you loved, or spaces that need some love.

My workspace – filled with gifts from friends and things that make me happy to sit there!

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