(Wo)Man’s Best Friend

While plants are my passion, I have also always been an animal lover at heart. From going to the zoo, to collecting bugs (this was only when I was a kid with caterpillars and lightning bugs, if I see a cockroach, I will freak out), to pet sitting, I always was interested in all types of animals, but my one true love was always dogs.

In the debate of cats vs. dogs, I am on team dog. Don’t get me wrong, as most of my friends are cat people, I spend a lot of time with cats (much to the dismay of my allergies).


My family has had dogs for most of my life – my grandparents had a dog when I was small and then we got a family dog when I was 7. She was a pretty Yorkie who was also crazy. Jingle Bell (I got her for Christmas and, like I said, I was 7) could jump over a baby gate in a single jump and be out the door in seconds flat. We soon got a second Yorkie, Sonny in the hopes her having a friend would calm her down. It didn’t. And they ended up having 5 puppies a few months later in the summer of 2004. We eventually gave away all of the dogs to family, friends, and neighbors, and only kept 1 of the 7 dogs – the runt of the liter, Napoleon.

Napoleon was only 4 pounds at his largest and was the sweetest pup ever. He loved traveling with us where ever we went and was the best little companion. In 2018, I decided I wanted to get a dog of my own. After searching for a little while, I happened across this yorkie Pomeranian mix, Romeo. After meeting him, I knew I had to bring him home and remember panicking when it finally hit me that I was bringing him home.

Napoleon and Romeo became good friends, but unfortunately in January 2019, at 14.5 years old, Napoleon passed away and Romeo was all alone for the first time. I had always wanted a second dog anyway, so 2 months later (after mildly stalking him online), I went to visit Weston, thinking I would go meet him and bring Romeo back later if I thought they would be good together. I brought Weston home after the first meeting.

I have now had the 2 boys for a few years (2 for Weston, 3 for Romeo) and I cannot imagine my life without them. Even when they are being bad (which is pretty rare if I am being honest), they bring a smile to my face and light to my life. On the days when I am struggling to get out of bed, they are the best motivation.

Like I said earlier, I have always loved animals. Having my own has been one of my greatest joys and accomplishments and I hope everyone has the opportunity to find a pet to be their companion and experience the unconditional love that they bring.

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