Long Time, No See

Well, hi there. It’s been awhile. Life got a little busy (in some really great ways), but that kind of put everything else on the back burner for awhile.

I recently left my job of almost 5 years and ventured to start a new career. I was ready for a change (read: excited and also terrified) and when this opportunity presented itself, I was eager to take it. It was something that some people I might have been crazy for doing – I mean, I relocated my life a few months ago for my job – but this new role gives me extra freedom and helped me get back to the core of what I always wanted to do.

Change is hard – like super hard sometimes. And I tend to be someone who stresses over the details. I am not necessarily spontaneous (at least, depending on who you ask) and don’t make decisions lightly. But I can say, moving to Raleigh has been a wonderful decision for me and I am so grateful for the last 7 months I have spent here.

Here is to seeing what happens next and enjoying the ride along the way.

I am a sucker for sunsets and I haven’t had a shortage of beautiful ones here in NC.

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