Winter Wonderland

Frost on the trees outside of my balcony.

My life has changed a bit recently – I relocated from sunny and hot Florida to chilly and icy North Carolina in the beginning of winter. While North Carolina welcomed me here with some warm weather when I first arrived in December, it made sure to give me the ice and snow I partially moved here for this week.

I have lived half of my life in Florida, the other half started in New York. I keep making the joke that I decided to meet in the middle and move to North Carolina. Relocating was mostly for work and job opportunities, but also gives me the chance to try out a different climate. Mainly experiencing ice and snow as a kid has given me a different perspective of it than the rest of my family who had to deal with snow and ice as adults, and all of the work that comes along with it.

The snow covered cars and trees that welcomed me when I looked out the window the morning after the snow storm.

When most people heard I was moving here, I was met with a lot of “you say you are excited, but wait until it snows.” I got to experience my first snow this week and I may have (definitely did) tear up a little bit at how excited I was. It might have been cold, but watching the flakes descend from the sky and swirl in the air, covering everything in a fine frost felt like absolute magic to me. I have seen and been in snow before, but getting to experience now in my new home hit me in a different way than when I would just visit New York.

The snow started earlier this week with mostly freezing rain – it was beautiful to watch.

The world seemed to turn into its own magical wonderland. I was also fortunate enough to not have to go to work during this – meaning I did not have to brave the roads, full of ice and other drivers. My boyfriend and I cleaned off our cars from all of their snow and frost, took the dogs on walks through snow that covered their paws and faces, and even managed to throw a few snowballs at each other along the way. We got to hunker down at home with our hot chocolate and fireplace and watch the world glisten outside.

I know that within the next few days, all of the snow will become disgusting and eventually melt away. I won’t pretend that snow is something I would want on the ground all winter long – I am not sure what to do with ice and would like to ease my way into that. However, this weekend was a perfect first snow storm for me – I got to enjoy an inch or so of snow, got to stay home, and embrace the cold of my new home. It reminded me of some older memories I have from my childhood and it makes me excited to create new ones here.

Are you a fan of snow or would you rather your winter be filled with warm days? I haven’t been here for long, but I am happy to experience the seasons as they come my way.

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