Dropping Lots of Green for Green

For anyone who has been a part of the online plant community for awhile, you will be familiar with the trendy new plants that are flooding your timeline. These are plants that are flooding your feed and giving you some garden envy. But because these plants can be so sought after, they can be very pricey.

Philodendron Birkin

One of these trendy plants I feel for was my Philodendron Birkin. Let me set the record straight – I love my Philodendron Birkin. The white veining is absolutely stunning and it has a place of pride on my desk so I get to look at it whenever I am working there (I will admit I work from my couch quite a bit and may or not be writing this from there, but I digress).

This was a plant I was seeing all over Instagram and was slowly going green with envy that this gorgeous plant seemed so out of reach for me. I had found one at one of my local nurseries for $45. This was so much cheaper than anywhere I had seen them before, and this was still for a fairly small plant. After some searching online (Etsy for the win!), I found a started Philodendron Birkin for almost half the price and was able to score a Macodes Petola at the same time, getting the 2 for less than the single one. The Birkin was all green and fairly small, but I figured it would do what plants do and grow over time.

Only hours after I placed my order, I was walking around Lowe’s and stumbled across a fully mature Philodendron Birkin, full of the signature white veining and a pretty white pot. The plant with pot was $20. I bought it without a thought. I still kept my Etsy order – I still wanted the Macodes Petola and figured I would just have a second Birkin.

Macodes Petola and it’s electric looking leaves

While there are still lots of plants that I am looking to get one day, I also plan on giving it some time for the hype to die down, and hopefully the pricing (I’m looking at you Monstera Thai Constellation). There will always be different plants I want to add to my collection and it has also been fun getting to talk to people within this little plant community about what plants on their wishlists.

When I first started gathering plants, it was a way to add some additional color to my new home and see if I had a green thumb. Over the past 2 years, it has become a collection of things that bring extra life and style to my house, but also a fun and fulfilling hobby that I hope to continue on for a very long time.

My Philodendron Birkin that keeps me company when I am working.

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